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Job opportunities

Type of job Location Shift Salary
Assembly line for car AC Anjo(Aichi) Alternated shift ¥1350/h
Sewing machine operator for car seats Toyota(Aichi) Day time ¥1250/h
(after 3 month \1300)
Car seat assembly line Toyota(Aichi) Alternated shift ¥1500/h
Machine operator Toyota(Aichi) Alternated shift ¥1300/h
Assembly line for the the windscreen wiper of the car Kariya(Aichi) Alternated shift ¥1350/h
Press /
Robot welding
Obu(Aichi) Day time ¥1300/h
Nc Lathe Takahama (Aichi) Alternated shift ¥1650/h
Machine operator Toyohashi(Aichi) Alternated shift ¥1400/h
Assembly line that incorporates the various accessories surrounding the car glass Kosai
Day time ¥1250/h
Civil construction framework assembly Inabe
Day time \1400/h